The War Against Depression

Depression is a war A battle against yourself Every thought is a bullet Every movement is a punch Every word is a stab in the heart Depression is a thief It steals everything you once had Everything left behind are the things that keep you trapped Depression is a murder It killed the girl I […]


Ketogenic Diet Benefits

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body begins to break down stored fat and to burn it for energy. As part of this process, your blood level of ketones — byproducts of fatty acids that have been broken down — rises sharply. Diets that are extremely low in carbohydrates often induce a state […]

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Unexplained Nausea

  Unexplained nausea and your lab work looks normal? Can certain fruits and vegetables be the culprit? Yes, it can. Nausea and vomiting can be a common symptom from pancreas problems in individuals. Clinical pancreatitis you will see on blood work and scans but sub clinical pancreatitis you will not. Sub clinical pancreatitis you may […]


Seven Reasons You Can’t get Over Candida

Overview Intestinal candidiasis is a condition caused by the yeast-like fungus Candida albicans. Candida albicans is referred to as yeast and is normally present in the intestines, blood and vagina. In the gastrointestinal tract, the level of Candida albicans is kept in check by bacteria that is also normally present. An imbalance can cause an […]

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Infertility Part 2 of 2 with Case Study

Part 1 of 2   I have decided to blog about infertility, as it has been a growing problem for many couples. I want to talk about a success story that I just learned about recently. I had a 45 year old lady in to see me again for some current health concerns. I […]

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Infertility Part 1 of 2

Infertility is a devastating health problem that affects 15-20 per cent of couples in the developed world and these rates are on the rise. While many experts blame the trend towards later motherhood for this pattern, others suspect that something far more difficult to control is responsible: our exposure to an increasing array of toxic […]

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Why are you Still Scared of Cholesterol?

Importance of Cholesterol Cholesterol, a substance required for the normal function of cells, is present in every cell of the human body. It is also found in the bloodstream. The soft waxy substance is produced in the body and is essential for the production of vitamin D, bile salts and hormones. The body creates most […]

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