Which Magnesium?

The Many Forms of Magnesium  You’ve probably heard or read that certain forms of magnesium “don’t work” and that other forms are superior. Most of the current information touts magnesium citrate as being the superior form, and most of these sources reference a 2003 study concluding this.5 It’s backed by research, so it must be […]


A Functional Medicine Case Study of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

The term “Thyroiditis” refers to “inflammation of the thyroid gland”. There are many possible causes of thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States. It is an autoimmune disorder in which antibodies directed against the thyroid gland lead to chronic inflammation. It is […]


Losing Weight Could be Easy by Removing These

Food allergies affect about 7 percent of children and 1 percent of adults in the United States, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Food allergies develop with continued exposure to the food that your body thinks is harmful and are typically diagnosed in childhood. If you have not received a diagnosis or are not vigilant on […]

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The Real Silent Killer

The Deadly Consequences of Chronic Stress The consequences of chronic stress can be devastating. A chilling example is stress cardiomyopathy, a spontaneous weakening of the heart that predisposes victims to arrhythmia and even sudden cardiac death. While the mechanism is not clearly understood, it is thought that chronic stress-induced elevations in epinephrine (adrenaline) over-stimulate the cardiac muscle, […]


Don’t Overlook this Blood Marker

Do you have elevated blood calcium levels? Hyperparathyroidism is the main disease of the parathyroid glands. Diagnosing hyperparathyroidism is discussed in detail. High calcium levels are never normal and almost always indicate a parathyroid tumor is present. How to diagnose parathyroid gland problems, what tests are needed to diagnose hyperparathyroidism made easy. How do we […]

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The Government-Driven Opioid Epidemic

America has been trapped in a losing drug war for decades, despite having spent over $1 trillion combatting it. Experts say the availability, addictive nature, and potency of opioid drugs has led to the worst narcotic crisis in American history—one that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed lives, businesses, and families. Its victims range from the […]


Is the Reason for your Low Energy Thyroid or Adrenal Related?

Under active thyroid symptoms and under active adrenal symptoms are similar. Some doctors are chasing the wrong culprit when it comes to your low energy. Let’s review a symptom survey for of both adrenal and thyroid symptoms. Hypo Adrenal Symptoms: -Weakness and fatigue -Chronic fatigue -Low blood pressure -Ridged or weak nails -Tendency for hives […]

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