It’s Not in your Head

Panic Attacks and Heart Palpitations From Hyperthyroidism Many people don’t realize that panic attacks and palpitations can be symptoms of hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid, or autoimmune Graves’ disease. Some patients are even misdiagnosed as having panic disorder or heart problems when they are actually hyperthyroid. Once treated for their overactive thyroid, they go on to be free of […]

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Doctors get Cash Pay-Outs to Prescribe Drugs that aren’t Working

Doctors in the UK and the US are given cash pay-outs to prescribe more drugs—in the UK, doctors get up to 20 per cent of their annual income from these incentives. But the drugs don’t work, and aren’t helping the patient live a longer life, a damning new report has discovered. The incentives cost UK […]


Are We Starving to Death?

Dr. William Albrecht was the Chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri and the foremost authority of his time on the subject of soil fertility and its relation to human health. In this 1945 article from the iconic Saturday Evening Post, author Neil Clark recounts Dr. Albrecht’s pioneering experiments demonstrating the critical connection […]

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Nearly Half of Cancer Deaths Caused by Bad Lifestyle Choices

A study conducted by the American Cancer Society has found that 45% of cancer deaths and 42% of cancer cases in general can be attributed to modifiable risk factors—voluntary behavior such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, poor diet, and alcohol consumption. * The top three behavioral cancer-death causes break down as follows: Smoking at 29%, overweight and obesity at 6.5%, and […]

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Is Calcium Toxic?

Just like iron and copper, calcium is absolutely essential for good health. However, excess levels of these three nutrient elements are very toxic. Deficiencies of these nutrients are certainly not desirable, but they are only rarely encountered in the United States. An irrational fear of such rare and easily treated deficiencies should not be allowed […]


Could this be Worsening your Asthma?

A few weeks back I blogged about the problems with mold exposure. This week I have a case study to go over and some lab results. A young lady with persistent asthmatic symptoms, that isn’t responding with her inhalers. Most allergy/asthma patients we will address pH problems immediately. Viral conditions is another component that […]

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Stress Undermines Health

It is no secret that stress is linked to disease. Some argue that every disease is the result of stress. Most people think of stress as psychological stress, or worrying, but there are many kinds of stress. There is structural stress from subluxations or muscle spasm. There is chemical stress from a poor diet or […]

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