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In this thunderous letter to President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Royal Lee calls the president’s attention to a grand jury investigation of corruption within the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The real problem, Dr. Lee explains, is that both the FDA and the U.S. Department of Justice had been infiltrated by the American Medical Association (AMA), an institution that was brutally—and illegally—wielding its influence to wipe out competitors and establish the medical approach as the only “legitimate” healing art in the United States. Dr. Lee reminds the president that the AMA was convicted for such monopolistic behavior twenty years earlier, when it was found guilty of violating the federal antitrust laws, and that it would continue to conduct such behavior if it were not legally thwarted. An amazing piece of history that speaks to what might have been. 1962.


The American Medical Association and Its Criminal Activities


Vitamin Products Company
2023 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee 1, Wisconsin

June 4, 1962

Hon. John F. Kennedy
President of the United States
Washington, DC

Subject: The American Medical Association and Its Criminal Activities

Dear Mr. President:

A federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., is now at work investigating the extent of corruption within the Food & Drug Administration. If you look into this, you will find that the corruption is entirely ramifications of illegal meddling into the functions of the FDA by the AMA [American Medical Association] as a part of their monopolistic control of as much of the field of the healing arts as they can finagle. They certainly have not reformed since their conviction on charges of criminal conspiracy to violate the federal anti-trust laws back in 1941 by Thurman Arnold.

The specific way by which the AMA has a stranglehold on the methods of treatment of disease is by a trick law developed by devious means, in which all literature on any food or drug sold to prevent or relieve any disease—deficiency disease or otherwise—must say nothing except what has been accepted by the “consensus of medical opinion.” This stops any maker of a food or drug from telling any doctor about any product that may save life but which may not have become accepted by the AMA. [The law] actually provides a fine and jail sentence for anyone who may simply give life-saving facts to a doctor that are not in accordance with current medical superstition.

A good example is the contention that heart disease has no relation to diet. 750,000 people each year die from this cause that we can prove is preventable. Another situation is lowered resistance to infection, which creates a fertile field for polio, pneumonia, colds, ulcers, respiratory disease, etc. The AMA position is that lowered resistance has no relation to diet, but the evidence that diet has such a relation has been well established for years, and the government’s publications have stressed the fact many times.

Another vicious phase of the AMA skullduggery is in their alliance with the counterfeit and refined food industry, as outlined in the accompanying booklet, written in 1940, Your Health: What It Is Worth to the Racketeer, [which describes] a criminal conspiracy in any language. No one has tried to refute any of the statements in this booklet. They cannot be refuted.

Such a racket must have a Hatchet Department to intimidate its victims. Your own FDA and Department of Justice is that Hatchet Department.

It happens that I have been established for 32 years selling nutritional specialties to the doctor. My customers are any duly licensed practitioner, whether medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, or naturopaths. I enclose the transcript of court proceedings where my company was fined $7,000 for the frightful offense of refusing to suppress facts that had not been accepted by the Medical Monopoly. Here is evidence of the criminal nature of the AMA and its reaching right into the FDA and the Department of Justice to perform criminal acts. The FDA actually admitted they had no case if the facts were to be criterion, but now that literature must conform to the consensus of medical opinion, it [sic] was technically false.

Under this ruling I cannot help the doctor in his effort to detect deficiency disease. I must suppress proven facts where the information often may mean life or death to the doctor’s patient. My character is smeared, my reputation harmed by the dishonest acts of government officials.

Mr. President, do you endorse this program? That is my question. If you do not, please appoint a reliable man to supervise the grand jury investigation now being conducted into corruption in the FDA. It will be a perfectly managed whitewash unless you take action.

Very truly yours,

[Signature] Royal Lee
Vitamin Products Company

By Dr. Royal Lee, President, Vitamin Products Company, June 4, 1962.



Sadly, this battle still continues today. Why are nutritional supplements not FDA approved? This simplest answer… It’s a failed system and they don’t work for the people like everyone assumes. “The FDA is riddled with politics, conflicts of interest and outright corruption, with data manipulation and harassment of whistleblowers.” – Money Watch, March 10, 2010. “The FDA is the best agency the pharmaceutical industry can buy. The agency is lurching from one disaster to the next; one shocking lapse after another.” – From the article “Can We Trust The FDA?”, Readers Digest, April 2008. According to the 2011 UN World Drug Report, the United States consumes 75% of the world’s medications. There’s a lot of money to be made in today’s legal drugs. Drug manufactures collected over $500 billion in revenue in 2013. For all of that money, you would think the health of Americans would be extraordinary. The reality is much different. Shockingly, life expectancy in the U.S. is 34th out of 35 industrialized countries. (Annual Review of Public Health Vol. 33: 157-68) Things that are or were FDA approved to think about: Celebrex, Avandia, aspartame, genetically modified foods, questionable vaccines, fluoride, food additives, and Vioxx which may have contributed to more than 27,785 deaths. Still think the FDA has your best interest?

Dr. J






  1. #1 by Deanna kramer on March 14, 2017 - 7:48 pm

    Thank you Dr J for your info. Have known for some years now about the FDA… but this was very useful and maybe the CIA wasn’t the only thing Kennedy was going to look into!!! Just another reason to silence him!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. #2 by peurasaari@yahoo.com on November 2, 2017 - 6:29 pm

    Please Read: As most of you know.
    First: I’m allergic in someway to most all medication.
    Second: that Saturday I was in ICU for what they “said” was a heart attack, I was misdiagnosis.
    I went there because of the nerve damage in my neck that was causing severe pain I couldn’t handle. Pro Medica immediately thinking heart attack even though I claimed to have no heart issues at the time and told them of my allergies, they decided to put me on several meds that I was knowingly allergic to including possible heart medication, these were causing worsening the life threatening reactions. They were confused because, ” they” did not know what was the problem, Blood Clot they said and then after being told they wanted to do a scope on my heart, I had no choice but to sign myself out of ICU. Even after them telling my wife, family and I, that I would not live till Tuesday morning if I did so.
    On Wednesday I went to Diverse Health Services and seen Dr. Jeff Senechal D.C, I needed an adjustment of the Atlas ( way Off ) and some key herbal medication’s, that was it. Most all doctors don’t want to here that, they don’t believe in it but guess what that’s the choices I have and the only ones I know because of “my” body chemistry. We are not all chemically created the same.
    The pain was from my spines Atlas not a heart condition and if I would have stayed under the care of Pro Medica I could have died.
    Instead, the doctors were guessing hard and they could of killed me for it.
    We homosapians are the “final link” in the chain. I fear that we are a weak link and after hearing and reading testimonials from “strong-willed and pure” Physicians that have resisted the dark-side of drug rep and governmental influence That it is these Doctors that if not heard or recognized we will continue to survive on a drugged nation, I believe the prognosis for you is grim.
    Most primary care physicians barely have enough time to go to the bathroom during the day let alone review original articles in detail. I would argue that this leaves most Primary Care Physicians to rely on review articles, drug-rep sponsored CME (Council of Medical Education) including pharmaceutical -influenced grand conventions, abstract-only reading, drug rep sponsored dinners and other superficial sources (including drug detailing by reps) for their information.
    The equation will not change for us “the weak link” until cognitive physicians Like Dr Tent and Dr Senechal (i.e. non-procedure performing physicians) are adequately recognized in the Medical Industry. I don’t see this happening “Why” I DON’T SEE LESS PATIENTS PER DAY being beneficial to their field or lively hood. Less patients means less tests, less meds and less frivolous guessing that leads to less revenue collected and there would be less special funding period that’s “why”.
    I pray for all of you who must rely on a guessing Doctor and especially those who don’t get a diverse 2nd opinion.

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