Infertility Part 2 of 2 with Case Study


Part 1 of 2


I have decided to blog about infertility, as it has been a growing problem for many couples. I want to talk about a success story that I just learned about recently. I had a 45 year old lady in to see me again for some current health concerns. I hadn’t seen her since 2013, when she originally came in for fertility issues. This time, she thanked me with tears for helping her conceive her second child after only 2 months of my recommendations. I was unaware that things went so well for her because she hadn’t followed up with me. She had the MTHFR mutation and scar tissue from a previous C-section. She also had complications from endometriosis. She had a normal 28 day cycle with her ovulation test always coming back as positive. She had a history of miscarriages and multiple hormone injections with no success (5 total cycles). Her uterus was inverted and she had a previous D & C for polyps that also contributed to the scar tissue build up. So what was the protocol I put her on?

4 Cruciferous Complete (Remove Xenoestrogens)

4 Ovex (Bovine ovarian tissue to support her ovaries and raise progesterone)

1/2 dropper of Liquid Iodine (Scar tissue support)


Yes, it was that easy in her case, but not all these cases are the same. From my previous blog, you can see the problems we are having with chemicals and BPA creating this world of Xenoestrogens which I feel MUST be addressed first. Xenoestrogens will drive women further into estrogen dominance and exacerbate conditions like endometriosis, fibroids, and PCOS. SP Green food, Nitrogreens, I3C, and Calcium-D-Glucarate are my go to products to work with the Phase 1 and 2 detox pathways of the liver and clear these Xenoestrogens. What else needs to be checked when working with fertility?


  • Thyroid level
  • Progesterone level though 28 day cycle (preferably saliva)
  • Insulin resistance
  • Cortisol level though the entire day (preferably saliva)
  • Adrenal dysfunction
  • MTHFR mutation
  • Pituitary dysfunction
  • Estrogen dominant conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids
  • Vitamin/mineral levels and use of whole food supplementation
  • Liver detoxification pathways
  • Male sperm quality and quantity

Genova Labs offers a full month saliva panel with their Rhythm Plus kits that I like to use with my more difficult cases. I’ve also had good results this year with other cases of fertility. I know these can be challenging for many couples, even to the point of giving up. Don’t give up. Continue to dig deeper and take a different route.

Dr. J



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