Is the Reason for your Low Energy Thyroid or Adrenal Related?


Under active thyroid symptoms and under active adrenal symptoms are similar. Some doctors are chasing the wrong culprit when it comes to your low energy. Let’s review a symptom survey for of both adrenal and thyroid symptoms.

Hypo Adrenal Symptoms:

-Weakness and fatigue

-Chronic fatigue

-Low blood pressure

-Ridged or weak nails

-Tendency for hives

-Arthritic tendencies

-Perspiration increase

-Bowel disorders

-Poor circulation

-Swollen ankles

-Crave salt

-Brown spots or bronzing of skin


-Weakness after colds/flus

-Exhaustion muscular/nervous

-Respiratory disorders


Hypothyroid Symptoms

-Increase in weight gain

-Decrease in appetite

-Fatigue easily

-Ringing in the ears

-Sleepy during the days

-Sensitive to cold

-Dry or scaly skin


-Mental sluggishness

-Hair coarse or falls out

-Headaches upon arising wear off as the day goes on

-Slow pulse, below 65

-Frequency in urination

-Impaired hearing

-Reduced initiative


One of the things I love most about functional medicine is how easy it is to decipher the difference between real thyroid problems or adrenal dysfunction.  Sometimes even both are involved at the same time. Where do you begin to search out the real cause of your low energy between the two?

For starters, the symptom survey of both hypothyroid and hypo adrenal symptoms is nice and easy. (shown above) Second, I prefer a saliva-based cortisol test to address how a patient’s adrenals are functioning all throughout the day and a COMPLETE thyroid panel to see where the thyroids levels stand. (complete meaning with TPO, Thyroid antibodies, etc.) Third, basal body temperature measuring can be very helpful in distinguishing the difference between your adrenals and thyroid too. Hope this is helpful. Are you ready to address the real problem?


Dr. J

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  1. Terri Bremer says:

    Thank you so much! Great info and I suspect is my problem, at age 53. Symptoms started close to 10 years ago…have been trying to deal with on my own, with iodine and vitamins.


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