Conventional Blood Labs Versus Functional Blood Labs


There are few things more frustrating than exhibiting health symptoms and not understanding the cause. On the one hand, it’s comforting that a blood test should come back normal, but on the other hand, your body is telling you something is being missed?

There’s a difference between ranges on blood tests in standard and functional medicine. In lab ranges, the results will come back with any diseases present. But in functional medicine ranges, the results will come back with any patterns or markers that signify a disease may be developing. In the latter, the case may be that there is still time to reverse or halt this disease.

If you’ve ever experienced discomfort or pain and after the blood test came back normal, your doctor told you it was likely stress or aging, it’s possible you aren’t getting the full story. Or commonly, “It’s in your head, would you like a prescription for an antidepressant?” With functional medicine, that answer isn’t good enough for me, and shouldn’t be good enough for you either.


Much can be missed, even on a basic blood panel. For example, high MCHC/MPV may indicate a B12 deficiency that is commonly over looked. Thyroid conditions may be missed because your doctor thinks you only need the TSH checked, and not the full panel. Anemia is with a simple iron panel is commonly missed as well. And as many already know, some doctors chase the wrong markers and over play them. (example: Cholesterol)


Another difference between functional and conventional blood tests isn’t just the ranges used, but also the markers ordered. A conventional blood test will typically include far fewer markers than a functional one. We want to find answers to your health concerns, not just cover it up with medications. Are you ready to have a different perspective and a new set of eyes to go over your lab values? Call the office to set up an appointment. I’ll go over your previous lab work and we can customize future ones.


Dr. J 

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