A Fun Journey


Here is the recording of a podcast I did a little over a month ago.


I often get asked, “How did you meet Dr. Tent?” or “How did you start working with him?”  I’ve had a fun and unique journey  full of twists and turns that lead me were I am today. Most friends and patients only know half of the story. The full story is in the podcast.

I’ve enjoyed this blog and adding the personalization factor to it. I look forward to doing this more, and showing more of the office with a behind the scenes look into day-to-day operations with our Instagram accounts. Follow me along with the office on Instagram @jeffreysenechal or the office page @diversehealth. If you don’t have an Instagram account, don’t fret! Some of the stories posted will be on our Facebook page too. We look forward to helping  you and your family during the holidays and in the New Year to come!

Dr. J


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  1. Great interview, thanks for sharing! We are so thankful for you guys! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁


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