More than Just Plastic Affecting Men


In a research article posted in 2015, pesticide exposure and sperm quality was questioned.

Data obtained from a validated food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) combined with USDA PDP yielded individual measures of intake of fruits and vegetables with higher pesticide residues. The authors found that semen quality was reduced among men in the highest quartile of exposure, a finding which could have clinical and public health implications. Pesticides are designed to be biocides and an extensive literature demonstrates that many of these chemicals adversely impact human reproductive function…

This research article just demonstrates the importance of knowing what you are putting into your body. Some of the foods with the highest amount of pesticides can be found on the dirty dozen list.

I have always put strong emphasis on doing a daily detox because it’s so hard to get around all that we are being exposed to on a regular basis. We’ve talked about the strong estrogen like effect BPA from plastics has had on both females and males in the past. Unfortunately, it seems the males have been hit harder in my opinion. There isn’t too many days that I miss doing a simple green shake like, Nitrogreens of Biotics Research, to help the detoxification of any chemicals that I’m exposed to. I’ve had a handful of infertility patients that I’ve work with in the past year, to find out that the husbands low sperm count has been the real problem. I did a lecture last year in May talking about the four important factors taking out today’s males.
Dr. J

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