Immune Help for the Upcoming Season


So I’ve been in search of a replacement for the Biotics Research Mixed Ascorbate Powder since they discontinued it last year. And as you know, we offer many options when it comes to vitamin c supplementation. See my previous blog about the importance of vitamin c.


The buffered C powder has impressed me so much with keeping my own children healthy that I wanted something as close as the previous Mixed Ascorbate Powder that we used to carry. Pure Encapsulations Buffered Ascobic Acid Powder is just that.


So many question constantly about what is the best form of vitamin c. First and foremost, Dr. Tent and myself will always try to use food form of vitamins as much as we can. And if we choose to use one that isn’t, we’ll balance it out with the food form. That’s where Cataplex C of Standard Process or C Complex of food research comes in. Many practitioners like the use of a liposomal form of vitamin c too, which is fine as well. I’ve played with them all over the years.

I’m going to outline our Immune protocol since many will be starting school sooner than later.


-2 Sprays of the Complete Kare Spray of Zorex

-1 serving of the Buffered Ascorbic Acid Powder

-1 drop of the Bio-D-Mulsion Forte


-5 Cataplex AC or 5 Cataplex C or 1 Buffered Ascorbic Acid Powder

-3 drops of the Bio-D-Mulsion

-2 Zinc Complex

More can be added or specifically customized for the patient at the doctors recommendations. Iodine has been another popular option to add, but dosage needs to advised and monitored. Last March when we were making our recommendations, our companies were going on back order with certain products that made us continually have to tweak the protocol. Hope this helpful.

Dr. J

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  1. Terri B Bremer says:

    You are awesome, Dr. Jeff. I will order some for my 2 sweet grandkids. Age 4 and 1. Gotta keep them healthy! Love you guys.

    Liked by 1 person

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