Understanding the Consequences of Chronic Stress Part 2

Part 1 of Understanding the Consequences of Chronic Stress:


Part 2: Testing and supplementation

At the end of my last lecture, I gave guidance of where to start when addressing adrenal health. In-office muscle testing is always nice, (Contact Reflex Analysis) but a Symptom Survey form is pretty easy to get a small picture of what may be going on.


7A Hyperthyroid section

7B Hypothyroid section

7E Hyperadrenal section

7F Hypoadrenal section

It’s important to know if it your adrenal glands acting up or a thyroid condition, because their symptoms are very similar. Also, too many times you have to treat both in order to stabilize them out-especially with high cortisol levels as it shuts down thyroid function with conversion.

What if it is a high cortisol problem? How do you test for that?

Genova labs has a great saliva kit test that I run with patients, in and out of state. $65 with insurance or $129 cash without insurance. See info below.


Supplementation all depends on some of the testing. Hyper or hypo functioning adrenals have different protocols. And we understand you cannot eliminate 100% of life’s daily stresses, but you can combat it better with a proper supplementation protocol tailored for your needs. Check out my latest lecture just uploaded to YouTube last week.


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