Mercury Toxicity: The Great Mimicker

Mercury toxicity is the great mimicker of a host of health challenges.

Here is a sample of what one should know about mercury toxicity.

1: Mercury is known to denervate nerve fibers, similar to the pathology of multiple sclerosis. In other words it makes it so the nerves do not work.

2: Mercury can leak into the blood-brain barrier and reduce nerve conduction velocity and visual evoked responses, diagnostic tests used for multiple sclerosis.

3: Mercury can inhibit the action (binding) of happy hormones, like serotonin, at the synapse (nerve to nerve connection) leading to depression.

4: Mercury can cause hearing loss.

5: Mercury can decrease norepinephrine and dopamine activity at synapses, damaging our molecules of emotion. This can make a person lack zip, enthusiasm, joy, and creativity and make him anxious, insomniac, and terribly tense.

6: Mercury can create peripheral neuropathy, auto-immunity and interferes with synapse transmission, decreasing infection control so the unsuspecting victim gets recurrent sinusitis, prostate or gum infections, as examples.

7: Hidden mercury toxicity can be at the root of a resistant Candida infection. Sometimes you just cannot clear Candida symptoms until you get rid of the mercury.

8: Mercury is also a major undiagnosed cause of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

9: Whenever we see someone resistant to all treatments, there is a high probability mercury toxicity is at the root of it.

10: Mercury toxicity can create any baffling neurologic disease as well as impair cure for any disease of other body systems.

One of the most common symptoms we see from mercury toxicity is that of terrible body burning and baffling pain that migrates.

But what neurologist looks for mercury toxicity?

And you certainly will never find it by doing an MRI.

Instead, folks get fictitious diagnoses like erythromelalgia, fibromyalgia, idiopathic neuropathy, neurosis, idiopathic pain syndrome, or hypochondriasis.

Functional Medicine University

Have you ever had a heavy metal test done? If not, it is very easy to do and check for toxic metals. We offer this service at our office and it is very well worth doing. There are a few different ways of checking, like hair, urine, and blood analysis for toxic metals. We like to start with hair testing because we can also look at mineral analysis of the person we are checking too. If you are interested we can ship you a kit out. They run about $140.

According to doctors data, here is the mercury symptoms and sources.

Symptoms may progress with moderate or chronic exposure to include: anorexia, numbness and paresthesia, headaches, hypertension, irritability and excitability, and immune suppression, possibly immune dysregulation. Advanced disease processes from mercury toxicity include: tremors and incoordination, anemia, psychoses, manic behaviors, possibly autoimmune disorders, renal dysfunction or failure.

Sources dental amalgams, explosive detonators; in pure liquid form for thermometers, barometers, and laboratory equipment; batteries and electrodes and in fungicides and pesticides.

Dr. J

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